About me

About me as your facilitator


Hi, I’m Tiaan de Waal, a husband, father and highly motivated individual. My path to self-discovery led me to my life purpose,one which fulfills my passion of being a Life Coach Facilitator. I’m extremely confident with who I am and what I want out of life. Facilitation comes naturally to me because I’m a good listener, approachable and strive to achieve workable solutions. I love facilitating because it brings out the best in me and in the people I facilitate to. I’m driven by living for the moment and motivated by making my life the best that it could be. My authentic and gracious nature will make you feel safe and inspired.

When I was attending STEPS (a program of The Pacific Institute) I discovered that the way you think determines your future. I saw in my fellow delegates, all educators from white and black schools, that we as adults have a great responsibility toward our youth in guiding them to adulthood. As a teacher I suddenly felt a passion to implement my newly-obtained knowledge into my school. I decided that if the strategies expounded by Lou Tice and his team at TPI were useful, they had to work in my case as a teacher too.

So I tested them, and they worked with amazing results!

Before long I was enrolled in a facilitator training program at TPI South Africa and experiencing in my own life what these programs can do for people. It was not always a comfortable journey, but it has been so worthwhile. I am a much calmer, self-assured person than I have ever been.  I won’t go back to my previous life – in fact, I think it would be impossible to do so now.

Probably the biggest change in me since then has been the acceptance of the process, or the journey. Wherever I am, and whatever is happening, is the right place & the right thing for me to be and to experience. This means I can just be myself, do what I love and what will benefit me, my loved ones, other people, and the world… I need do nothing more than just that and so achieve everything I have ever wanted. Easy. In the zone. In the flow. Happy and spreading happiness. That is where I am now.  And I love it.

So, the bottom line: I hold an HED (Higher Education Diploma) from the Normaal College,  Pretoria and have taught children of all ages over the years. I have always been an arty person, drawing and woodworking, but focus now on the use of technology. But best of all, I am an Accredited Facilitator for The Pacific Institute who has found joy in seeing individuals find their inner strength and wisdom.

I’m looking forward to working with you in person at a venue that will suit you and a group of which you are part, or we can fit you into a group at a different venue. We can also be in contact by telephone or via skype wherever you are.

My Mission

  • To assist everyone I meet to find their life purpose and live their life to the fullest
  • To help others achieve true happiness in their heart, spirit and soul
  • To value myself enough to always give my best
  • To make a difference in the lives of the people I facilitate to
  • To make sure you are having fun and learning at the same time


Facilitation process

So, your back is against the wall. Your company isn’t performing the way they were intended to. The company is experiencing a lot of negativity which is not contributing to a harmonious and productive working atmosphere. The crisis or transition you are going through is slowly getting the better of you.

You’ve tried everything you can think of, but you can’t see your way forward clearly.

Desperation has you in its grip.

You are overwhelmed and more is going on inside of you than you can express in words.

Things are just not going the way you had hoped.

We should talk.

 Together we can look for the answers which you already carry within yourself so that you

can change your way of thinking, and change your life.

 Contact me to arrange for a 30 minute free consultation to see if we are a good fit.

We can do that in person, or via skype or on the phone.

But it won’t happen until you decide it will happen.

What is the value of facilitation through these programs?

Facilitation is the key to the liberation of your authentic self. Through this you will learn by self-discovering. It entails developing your self-awareness and empowering you with specific resources to evoke positive lasting change. This is achieved in an encouraging and inspiring environment. Facilitation is a solution focused approach to continual self-development.

The Benefits of the Investment In Excellence Facilitation Process

  • Improve in all areas of your life
  • Rapidly and powerfully increase your rate of personal development
  • Increase your level of confidence and inner strength to handle a variety of life situations
  • Build healthy, happy relationships
  • Empower yourself with behavioral flexibility
  • Stimulate multi-dimensional thinking in order to make decisions that are more effective and relevant in your life
  • Learn the art of setting and achieving goals, thereby unleashing more and more of your potential
  • Invest in yourself to live a full and successful life
  • Obtain guaranteed personal transformation

“The most powerful ability that a person possesses is the ability to make a choice.”


The Facilitating Process

The Pacific Institute programs that I’m offering to facilitate are designed from significant research on coaching methods and based on well-researched techniques. The focus is to impart a structured toolkit to assist you in your life. This is done in a supportive and encouraging environment, while you experience significant transition. The programs comprise a maximum of 6 workshop days, each with a defined objective. Some of the areas that will be covered are:

  • Understanding my unending potential
  • Realizing my limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
  • Making real sustainable changes to actualize my goals
  • Adopting a value structure for ultimate success
  • Uncovering my hidden rules and redesign them so you always feel great
  • Discovering my true self
  • Taking responsibility for my actions and life
  • Setting long-term goals to live up to my true potential
  • Finding a level of clarity to live my life with passion and purpose
  • Setting measurable defined goals
  • Reflecting and celebrating the new ME.

Frequency and Fees

Fees will be calculated according to the program/s you would like to attend, the size of the group/s and the venue to be used. Save money by taking advantage of my discounted rates for fees paid up front.


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