About you

About you

Welcome Home!

Hey, You! If Your Back is Against the Wall today, for whatever reason, you have just arrived at the right place. If you’re experiencing a feeling of “stuckness” in your life and in your company you are definitely not alone.

I show people with their backs against the wall how to change their way of thinking, and change their lives.

Welcome home.

Here are some reasons why people start working with me:

They have arrived at a point where their usual ways of dealing with their lives no longer work.

They find themselves in the midst of a crisis, or a transition. (Difficulty in setting boundaries, dealing with death and dying, parenting difficult teenagers, teaching in less than ideal circumstances, being bossed around, moving house, dissatisfaction at work, unhappiness in a relationship, family pressures, fear of change…)

They don’t feel up to dealing with it.

They want change.

They want to know how to get there in one piece.

They want someone to guide and cheer them on through the hard times.

Here’s what happens when you work with me:

You make sense of what is happening. You clarify and discover things for yourself and others. You find the direction you now want for your life. You identify the people who will support you. You make changes with confidence.

Why don’t you browse around and read my blog, or more about how we can work together? Leave a comment on my blog, sign up for my newsletter. Join me on facebook. Check out my pinterest facilitation board. Or contact me directly. Don’t wait. Make it happen now.


Why Agapedo?

Do these following questions sound familiar:

Who am I?       What do I want from life?       How can I get it?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions and want to move forward in a positive way, then let me inspire and guide you. Join me on a journey to unleash your true potential and become a better you, to rekindle that passion for living life.

It can be extremely difficult to overcome challenges when you feel overwhelmed, confused and misdirected. Through a series of programmes, I will assist you in:

  • Setting defined goals
  • Maintaining a balanced life
  • Building healthy, happy relationships
  • Making changes to actualise your dreams
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Expressing your talents
  • Discovering your authentic self
  • Continuing your path to personal growth

Agapedo is derived from two Greek words: Agape – The Love of God and Pedagogic – Educationist. The logo is a metaphor for the inner person being discovered and being set free.

Remember how much wonder and joy you experienced as a child in dreaming? Dreaming with no restrictions? You dreamed with no restrictions and boundaries holding you back. Life seemed to be so simple and not complicated. As you were dreaming you were moving towards that dream of yours.

As you got older you started creating your own beliefs – and boundaries. Boundaries were also created by all your experiences. You got so used to these boundaries that your dreams faded. Perhaps the “stuckness” in your life is causing you pain right now.

But: change something small and the picture changes completely. And it might just be beautiful.

So, what does that have to do with Agapedo, exactly?

That’s what I do. I show people, young and old, scholars or business people, people from all walks of life with their backs against the wall how to change their way of thinking and change their lives.

  “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world!” – Nelson Mandela


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