Agapedo – The Purpose Driven Academy

Agapedo: The Purpose Driven Academy

Awake from your sleep

Pursuing My Purpose & Passion with Pleasure

Contents: Phase 1

(3 day workshop with 3 weeks for implementation until phase 2)

The program  that is being used is called PX2, Pathway to eXtreme eXcellence(Squared) from the international company The Pacific Institute. This company was founded by Lou Tice(1935-2012) in 1971 in the U.S.A. The Pacific Institute is a well established company in 60 countries and is available in 22 languages.

The program is designed to help the individual to be more effective, to be more engaged and to be accountable for his/her own actions.

For the teen making the transition from adolescent to adult, it can be a confusing and frightening time. To give our youth the tools to make this transition easier, and set them on a path to a successful, purposeful life, PX2 was introduced.

                                       You can



Contents: Phase 2

(1 day workshop with 2 weeks for implementation until phase 3)

Agapedo(Pty) Ltd was founded by Tiaan de Waal(15/5/2012) in South Africa.

Tiaan is a qualified(1993) teacher with 17 years experience as a Primary and High School teacher. In 2011 he accredited at The Pacific Institute as a facilitator and in 2013 he was taught the Map4Life Methodology that set him aside as a Lifecoach.

Agapedo is bringing the two worlds together with a workshop. The objective of Agapedo is to empower individuals to discover what their true Purpose is and where they fit into this fast-changing world.

You can

Refresher on PX2

Finding your Purpose

and Pursuing

It with Passion and Pleasure

Introducing to Map4Life



Contents: Phase 3

(1 day workshop that makes it a way of life)

The program that is being used is called Pathfinder from the international company Map4Life. This company was founded by Glen McQuirk (from South Africa) and had their official global launch on 31 March 2013. Map4Life is a South African based company and the objective that they have set themselves is to be a well-established company in 200 countries by the year 2020.

The problem facing society globally is that of Directionless Existence. The overwhelming aspiration of all people is Abundant Life. The solution is Purposeful Living. Through their methodology, training, coaching and support program, they aim to effectively equip people to transform their lives positively; so that they (may) become who they were born to be.

 You can

Map4Life uses a 5 Step proven Methodology that helps the individual to move from where they are to where they want to be.

By preparing a Master Action Plan for their Lives, individuals will grow through daily reflection and journaling.



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