“Passionate. Lives with deep conviction and commitment to people’s growth and development. Sold out for the cause of achieving more of his potential. A make-it-happen efficacious person…..!”

– Libbie Martin, The Pacific Institute Accreditation Facilitator and Trainer

“I appreciate your gift to talk in front of people and your utmost passion for youth and young people. Your friendliness and zest for life is contagious. You are very spontaneous and created a friendly atmosphere.”

– Manie Botha, Youth Worker

“Personal improvement through goal-setting, happiness, resilience, leadership, motivation and optimism and how to apply all this in my family and in my business is the most important learning I will take with me after this program.”

– Pieter Coetzee, business owner – SelfTrack

“The systematic building of a visual formula, repositioning and repeat of it.”

– Pieter van der Merwe, Liberty Life (TPI programs are currently being facilitated at Liberty Life’s head office)

“I can change my own destiny by changing my way of thinking. This will have a positive effect on everyone around me.”

– Bessie van der Merwe, educator – Postmasburg

“You were exciting and very good at what you do. I am discovering how to become the best  me possible.”

– Noel Smit, Kumba Iron Ore – Postmasburg

“It is your responsibility to change your way of thinking to achieve your goals. I enjoyed your honest, objective and ‘down to earth’ way of facilitation.”

– Stephen Carstense, educator – Postmasburg

Lets hear what the following school kids have to say:

“I now realise the true value of: ‘to have an open mind’” – Donovan Lloyd, gr.12

“I can now think differently about things. I realise that I am in control of my own life.” – Riandi Walters, gr.12

“My life has changed in so many ways.” – Franzél Venter, gr.11

“Yes, it’s effective in bringing change to my way of thinking. It made me see a better side of me.” – Reichardt Matthee, gr.10

“My attitude is changed in so many ways through being positive and motivated.” – Megan du Preez, gr.12

“My way of thinking is truly being changed. It helped me change into the person I always aspired to be.” – Röan Grobbelaar, gr.11

“My confidence was a problem, but the effectiveness of the change of my way of thinking helped me to overcome this huge obstacle.” – Rico van Rooyen, gr.11

“I can think a lot more clearly about a topic and am much more effective in my actions.” – Chantelle Sillands, gr.12

“It is no exaggeration to state that Investment In Excellence would be the most powerful tool that this government could give to the teaching profession. It would empower and inspire teachers, and unleash a raft of untapped talent and potential which could only benefit schools, communities and their pupils.”

                        Sue Sayles – President NAHT, 2001-2002


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