The Pacific Institute (TPI)

The Pacific Institute (TPI) is an international corporation specialising in performance improvement and professional growth, change management, and leadership development.               


Our Purpose

Founded in Seattle, WA, USA in 1971 by Lou and Diane Tice, TPI uses powerful concepts aimed at getting people to understand their own potential and how to apply it.  An acknowledged world leader in improving organisational performance in the private, government, education, training and community sectors, TPI is represented in 60 countries and in 14 different languages. Throughout the last four decades, The Pacific Institute has been able to affect more than 30 million lives worldwide.



The Search for Quality Excellence…

…starts with visionary leadership and employee engagement. It isn’t the business that is “in business” – it’s the people. The Pacific Institute assists all types of businesses, from large multi-national corporations to small entrepreneurial start-ups, as they improve the bottom line by powering up the workforce.

You see, any organization can buy new equipment and overlay process after process to try to improve productivity. Sometimes this works – at first – but it doesn’t last. Most of the time, it doesn’t work at all. Why? Because the most important part of the success equation tends to be ignored – the people who do the work. If your workforce can’t, or won’t, motivate itself to excellence, it won’t matter that you have the latest generation of computers. You see, it isn’t a machine that shows up for work each day – it’s a pair of hands and the mind that guides them.

A relationship with The Pacific Institute gets you three things – our knowledge, our experience, and our commitment to helping you achieve the results you want. The professionalism of our strategic experts will assist you, as you turn your future vision into an everyday reality. For your culture transformation, we bring the tools, and you bring the builders. Together, we create the plan and deliver the materials to create a strong foundation on which you can build a solid future.

 Profile of a Pacific Institute Graduate

To get to the root cause of organizational issues that negatively impact performance, it comes down to analyzing systems and eventually people – our engagement, attitudes, persistence, energy and creativity, and the way we treat each other both inside and outside the organization.

Too often we merely try on new performance management systems with activities that focus on telling people what to do or how to feel. Unfortunately, more often than not, the impact of these investments is very short term. In a matter of weeks, the old behaviours that caused the issues in the first place have resurfaced and we’re right back where we started.

This is where The Pacific Institute comes in. When you go after the root cause of performance issues, it’s not enough to tell people to change their behaviour or what to think. You need to give people the tools and best practices to change per­manently – from the inside out. The Pacific Institute has been doing just that for over 30 years, using leading edge principals of positive organizational psychology coupled with time tested implementation techniques. Results have shown that people who implement our tools and techniques emerge from our curricula sharing many of the following traits:

• Heightened self-confidence

• Self-motivated

• Accountable in all aspects of their lives

• Goal and end-results oriented

• Highly engaged

• Open-minded and flexible

• Creative

• Higher sensitivity to the behaviour of other people

• Looking toward career growth within the organization

As an associate, ask yourself the following two questions:

• What would it be like to work in an organization where everyone shared these traits?

• How much more exciting would it be to go to work each day?

As a manager, ask yourself the following two questions:

• If you knew you were going to have people like this – by the hundreds – what would you do with them?

• How would you manage them differently than you do today?

This is the value proposition of The Pacific Institute: We enable large-scale change in the thinking patterns of people at all levels to create truly High Performance Organizations.

What are you waiting for?

Lou Tice (the founder of The Pacific Institute) began his career as a high school teacher and football coach, and Diane Tice started as a high school art teacher. In fact, after Lou developed the concepts and principles to make cognitive research easy to understand and apply, his first students were his high school athletes. Once the parents saw the positive changes in their kids, they wanted to know what Lou could do for their companies.

As Lou’s educational programs made their way through the corporate world, he began to hear, “Why didn’t I have this information when I was a kid? And how can I get this for my kids?” In the early days of the Institute, there was no formalized program for young people; Lou would simply translate the concepts himself, so they could be put into practice. In the ensuing years, the Institute developed several programs geared toward young students, including the new PX2 program for teens and young adults.From that start, in 1971 came the formal corporation now known as The Pacific Institute. So, it is only natural that The Pacific Institute has continually focused its cognitive education programs on youth.

“It is no exaggeration to state that Investment In Excellence would be the most powerful tool that this government could give to the teaching profession. It would empower and inspire teachers, and unleash a raft of untapped talent and potential which could only benefit schools, communities and their pupils.”

                        Sue Sayles – President NAHT, 2001-2002

Government entities, from federal agencies to local municipalities; law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions; as well as the full spectrum of social service agencies, all benefit from the wide range of The Pacific Institute’s programs and services.

With so many different, and sometimes competing, agencies working to solve the challenges of a diverse society, it helps to be speaking the same language. The Pacific Institute’s social solutions provide, in the words of football coach Pete Carroll, “a language of hope.”

Fulfilling commitments made to protect and enhance the fabric of society, social justice agencies can choose from the menu of options made available through The Pacific Institute:

Investment in Excellence® / STEPS acts as a foundation of knowledge and expertise for heightened personal, professional and organizational performance and is recommended for administration and staff.

 A Guide to Self-Sufficiency® offers life skills training, as well as the skills to obtain and maintain employment for the of society, and is an excellent vehicle to update the mindset for those who find themselves unemployed after a lifetime of employment, due to downsizing and changing economies.

In the end, The Pacific Institute’s Social Solutions programs and processes are focused on one primary end result: Ensuring that, at the end of the day, every individual knows that they have done something useful with their day – that they are valued, contributing members of society.



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